New Children’s Snack Table, Sept 13th… Beginning September 13th when Sunday School officially begins, we would like to experiment with offering a separate refreshment table for the Sunday School children in an effort to avoid lines and get them to class on time. Their refreshments will consist of smaller food items that can be consumed more easily and quickly, as food is not allowed in the Bevan Building for pest control reasons. Parents, we are asking your cooperation in directing your children to the new children’s table when Sunday School is in session. If you have any questions, please see Diane Lange or Lisa Estes.

Youth Sunday School Starts Today, Sept 13… Sunday School classes begin today for youth of all ages in both the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and the Anglican Bible-in-Life program. We are most grateful for our teachers again this year: Jacob and Elise Belk (High School); Diane Lange and Cathy Conlin (Middle School); Shelley Lowe and Charissa Christopher in the Level II atrium and Kristy Leaseburg, Lisa Estes and Diane Klein in the Level I atrium. Thank you all for volunteering!